Health and Wellbeing Events

Here are some groups that offer the community some well needed Health and Wellbeing



Hosted by Glenys and Alan Bain
From the 17th May till the 16th June.

Mondays: 11.45–1.15pm: Chair yoga with Alan

Mondays: 1.30–3.00pm: Hatha yoga with Glenys

Tuesdays: 9.00–10.30am: Hatha yoga with Glenys

Tuesdays: 10.45–12.15pm: Hatha yoga with Alan

Wednesdays: 6.30–8.00pm: Hatha yoga with Alan

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Beginner's Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Hosted by Keith Abraham
These classes are focused primarily at a beginner’s level but all other levels of practioner can benefit from the tuition.
All are welcome.
From 10 am to 11 am.
£10 per person

Dance Classes

Dance Classes

Dance Classes
Every Wednesday Evening
From the 21st June
More information COMING SOON

Work In The Park

Work In The Park

EVERY Monday starting from the 17th May we will bring back working in the park!
For £5 per person @pierremonthall are offering the space for those that need some fresh air and a break away from working from home. From 9am to 3pm home workers can join us outside Pierremont Hall for the day. The price per person includes, a hot desk, wifi and teas and coffees throughout the day.
To book call or email us on
01843 263609


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Community Offer

Offers are available for CT10 residents. Speak with our Events and Bookings Manager for further information.

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